On being an asshole

The first thing I notice when I get more comfortable with being an asshole is that other people start to notice that I am an asshole less, and they call me on it with decreased frequency.

This is a fucking trap, and I resent people for it. I know they are just trying to lull me into thinking I might not be such an asshole, and then they will clobber me over the head with how much of an asshole I am.

I am on to your game people. You can’t fool me.

In Those Final, Pre-Meteor Hours

Apocalypse film

If a giant meteor where headed towards the Earth, and this was my last nay alive, what would I do? Hmmmm… Well, all responsibilities and cares would fly out the window. I would be utterly free to do whatever came to mind, released from all worries about the future and plans. I would be cast resolutely into the utter now.

So….. pretty much that would be like any other day. 😉

The Best Road Trip Ever

Aceitunas Balaguer

Was the summer of ’94. Cross country tour promoting a game four friends and I had written. We put 39,000 miles on the van, took it off the road involuntarily 5 times, lost 6 tires and got hassled by Canadian border officials coming back to the US. Hit 20 conventions in 16 weeks with a two week vacation in the middle. F-ing brilliant!

The most important lesson I learned was this: The capability of going anywhere you want at the drop of a hat is NOT freedom. 😉